Exclusively Featuring Grando®
Exclusively Featuring Grando®

 Covertech automatic pool covers  COVERTECH grando automatic pool covers  Covertech automatic pool covers 

The Department Of Energy made in 1998 a research and the result was as follows. There are about 3 million private pools in the US, and these pools use about $ 3.5 Billion dollars a year in heating expenses. (Please contact us for copy)

The Grando poolcover
can save you up to 80% of your heating expenses and is enviromental save.

Reason for that are the following:       

*The slats are about 1 inch wide and an ½ inch thick

*Water tight sealed filled with air

*The cover floats right on the water
and that keeps the evaporation at a minimal

*Are particularly water-repellent

*Are resistant to UV light and all chemicals
used to keep the water clean

*Are hygienically safe
(documented in an independent test report)

*Do not have the problem
that they slide around or sit up on edge
as they are designed with a locking mechanism using
plastic moldings and stainless steel pins

See below on our Energy savings chart made by the
Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik

how much you will be able to save in a season of
May through September
if you have a 20 by 40 feet pool.

You will save in a 5 month swim season over
if you want to keep your pool at 84 F.

GRANDO product info & details
To get a LOGIN user name and password, you will need the following:

1. Pool Professionals
2. Architects
3. Landscape Designers
4. Interior Designers
5. Contractors

Should you be a private consumer, please contact us directly at info@poolcovertech.com or call us at +1-631-287-9495.

Thank you for your interest.

Should you have the LOGIN information, please click the link below.
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EDA-Energy Saving Calculation
license for grando GmbH pool covers
License-Nr.: 0001.
Frauenhofer-Institut for Construction Physics
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