Covertech LLC   
Exclusively Featuring Grando®
Exclusively Featuring Grando®

In 1963, Robert Granderath, developed the
first fully-automatic
rigid-slatted GRANDO pool cover.
 Whether Indoor/Outdoor, Commercial/Residential
Grando pool covers are the best of the best...

·      Rank highest for CHILD SAFETY in Europe

      20x40 cover can hold approx 2,000 lbs!

·      NO FENCING NECESSARY depending on Building Departments

·      NO TRACKS!!


·      These covers are ENERGY EFFICIENT  
Cutting costs up to;
80% for heating expenses,
30-50% for chemicals that are also harmful to skin
50-70% energy costs of dehumidifying indoor pool areas.


·      SOLAR panels available


·      GRANDO pool-covers PAY FOR THEMSELVES.

Whether you are building a new or existing pool
we can accommodate ANY SHAPE AND SIZE.
Negative Edge Pools - NO PROBLEM

Considerable reduction of maintenance cost
•Energy saving
up to 80%
        Non-heated outdoor pool owners with our solar version extend their swimming season
      Heated outdoor pool owners save additional money on heating, chemicals and cleaning
      Indoor pool owners save because with less evaporation, the AC or dehumidifier does not run as much, and less humidity means more protection for your building.

Our cover is right on the surface of the water.
•NO Tracks
•NO Mechanical parts near the water
•NO High voltage near the water

Your search for automatic pool cover, safety pool cover, energy saving pool cover, inground pool cover, above ground pool cover has ended here!